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Securing Real Estate Solutions For Real Dental Clinic Needs

Strategic approaches for comprehensive solutions to sustain, grow, and increase value of dental practices. Our expertise and resources secure the right real estate solution to create opportunities and respond to the market conditions!

Expansion and Relocation of Dental Clinics and Practices
Negotiate and Facilitate Transactions of Acquisition, Lease, and Investment
Analysis of Dental Properties, Sites and Locations
Create and Evaluate Investment Opportunities of Dental Real Estate

Our custom-designed services efficiently achieve real estate solutions that enhance the delivery of the client's dental care. It can be the foundation of our client's professional practice and clinic growth.

During the past sixteen years over 70 dentists and clinics have engaged the Junnila Company's expertise.

By using the expertise of the Junnila Company our clients benefit by:

Efficient use of time to focus on patient's care and clinic's operation
Having confidence by making an informed real estate decision
Assuring the transaction sustains the practice's value and growth
Creating satisfaction by the comprehensive approach of all phases
Responding to emerging dental demographics and spending plans

The Junnila Company's specialized services with extensive experience and specific knowledge of the dental business is a perfect match for dental practices. Our deep knowledge of dental real estate operations can create marketing options, patient awareness, and staff retention.

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